M Salon Remodel

The Culture of M Salon

Professionalism and Excellence 

The culture of M salon focuses on the development of hairstylists by implementing professional hair education into our training. Our mission is to not only deliver high-quality hairstyling services but to also build professional hairstylists who train extensively to master their craft. In doing so our salon makes sure to cultivate an atmosphere of professionalism throughout that reflects our stylist’s commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on cultivating the best hair stylists in Houston and maintaining lasting relationships with our clientele.

Dynamic Employees 

With the extensive training and internship experience required by all employees, we have established a standard of professionalism that is reflected in the way our employees conduct and present themselves. We require all of our employees to dress in fashionable attire that reflects a commitment to their expertise.

This is a fundamental component of our workplace culture and exemplifies our salon’s commitment to hairstyling excellence. Additionally, we have a merit system where our senior stylists are rewarded with the freedom to dress how they want after they reach certain performance numbers. 

Commitment to our Clients 

Another cornerstone of M salon focuses on the values we uphold regarding our client engagement. Our priority is to make your hairstyle dreams come true. We make sure our stylists attentively listen to your concerns. In doing so we are able to provide services centered around you and work towards your ideal outcomes. Lastly, we make sure to follow up with handwritten letters from your stylist to make sure the experience was satisfactory.

For more information about the culture and values of M Salon contact us today!

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