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What is the difference between Ombre and Balayage?

The main difference between Ombre and Balayage is that Balayage is a more natural looking way of doing the ombre. Balayage comes from the French word for “sweeping” and ombre comes from the French word for “shading”.

Balayage is the technique of light sweeping of color onto the hair making it look more natural and “sun-kissed”. Balayage is good for hair lengths longer than passed the shoulders.

Ombre is the shading of color from the roots to ends. Typically in Ombre the root color is darker and lighter on the ends. Ombre is good for almost all hair lengths except very short lengths where it would not be as noticeable.

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What is the difference between a t-section, partial, and full highlight?

A t-section highlight can be thought of as a face-framing highlight. There are very few pieces of highlights in a t-section highlight and is typically on the part of the hair and around the face.

Partial highlight is all around the head except for the bottom of the hair. If you were to put your hair into a ponytail and lift it, there would be no color on the bottom of the hair. Partial highlight is good for brunettes and in-between full highlights for blondes.

Full highlights are lightened pieces all over the head. If you were to put your hair into a ponytail, you would be able to see highlights all over the head. Full highlights is typically recommended for blondes.

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What are the qualifications to be considered for an Apprentice position?

A cosmetology license and an eager attitude are must-haves to be considered to join our team. For any further questions or to send an attachment of your resume, we can be reached at info@msalon.us.

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Can I meet the stylist prior to booking an appointment?

We recommend it! It's always a great idea to meet with your stylist prior to booking an appointment. During a consultation both parties can have a more clear understanding of what the process will be to get to the desired hair color and strength. If you have box color in your hair, this is your first time at the salon or if it will be a color correction, a complimentary hair consultation is strongly recommended.

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Does M Salon keep up with changing trends?

M Salon is dedicated to education and being informed of all the styles happening in the industry all over the country. Our hair stylists are sent to a few educational classes and hair shows several times a year all over the US in order to have a wide spectrum of techniques and trends.

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What is a Brazilian thermal and how does this treatment benefit my hair?

This treatment is suitable for anyone who has frizzy, damaged, or processed hair. The benefit is smooth and frizz-free hair. After receiving the thermal, it is faster to smooth and straighten the hair. The treatment is a cumulative treatment, so the more you receive the treatment, the healthier your hair will be and the longer the treatment will last. The treatment generally lasts between 10-12 weeks if the proper care if used.

The Brazilian thermal does not straighten the hair, but will loosen a natural curl. If you already have straight hair, the Brazilian thermal will smooth and eliminate frizz. The Brazilian thermal does not flatten the hair; you will still have volume and movement. You can have a color service done before the Brazilian thermal, but you’ll have to wait two weeks after the service to have color done.

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What is a Japanese Thermal?

The Japanese thermal is a permanent straightening treatment. It takes frizzy, curly, damaged hair to straightened and healthier hair. Since it is a permanent treatment that means that it will stay in your hair forever and the only reason to come in and receive the treatment again is because the roots of your hair will grow out. You will need to have the treatment applied to the new growth of hair anywhere from 9 months to a year after, depending on how fast the hair grows.

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Do you offer any smoothing treatment that does not contain formaldehyde?

Yes, we offer the several treatments that do not contain formaldehyde. They are the Smooth Control treatment, the Japanese treatment and our split end treatment.

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What is the difference between a blowdry and a power dry?

The main difference between a blowdry and a power dry is that a blowdry is an actual style and a power dry is not. A power dry is performed after a color service to be able to see the color applied clearly and confirm it is the desired tint. The hair may still be a little bit damp, but not wet. A blowdry is achieved with heat protecting products, round brush and blowdryer.

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What is the difference between a color and a toner?

A color is a permanent color a toner is a semi permanent color. The toner’s job is to counteract any undesired hues in the hair after a color service.

What is the difference between a Brazilian express and Brazilian thermal?

The main difference between a Brazilian express and thermal is that the express is a mini-version of the thermal and therefore does not last as long.

The Brazilian express lasts anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how you take care of your hair and if you are using the proper products for the service. With the Brazilian express, a blowdry is necessary to seal the brazilian product into the hair and is considered a separate service and is charged accordingly.

The Brazilian thermal lasts anywhere between 6 to 8 months, also depending on how the hair is cared for. The Brazilian thermal is not a straightening treatment; it is to help manage frizz and loosen the curl slightly.

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What is the difference between a Brazilian express and split end treatment?

Our split end treatment targets those little splinters at the end of your hair. Think of our split end treatment as a binding glue that binds the hairs together to prevent the hair from continuing to split and new split ends from happening. Our split end treatment is formaldehyde-free.

The Brazilian express is the same as a Brazilian thermal, though it lasts a fraction of the time and it does contain formaldehyde.

Both treatments last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how well the hair is taken care of?

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What is the Goldwell Color Lock Serum and how does it work?

The Goldwell Color Lock Serum is a leave-in serum that is used after hair color has been rinsed out of the hair to help lock the color into the hair to help prevent the color from fading faster. The serum also gives the hair a healthier and shinier appearance.

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How often should I shampoo and condition my hair?

It is good to try to go two to three days in between washing your hair to let the good oils accumulate in your hair. Washing your hair too often will result in drying out your hair and creating an oily scalp. If you notice that you are too oily not washing your hair everyday, you may want to look into a dry shampoo which extends styles in between washing the hair.

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