Highlights or Balayage

Highlights or Balayage?

Where to Start

When determining where to start with your hair coloring needs it is important to consider factors that are aligned with your hair maintenance objectives. If you are opting for subtle highlights to break up your hair silhouette, then balayage is the way to go. However, if you are looking for more control of the tonal outcome foiled highlights would be recommended. You’re likely more familiar with the term ombre versus balayage, however, the key difference between ombre and balayage is that there is a clear horizontal fade line in ombre. Balayage has a more natural appearance and tends to be placed vertically.

What do the Styles Have in Common? 

While there are subtle differences between traditional highlights and Balayage they can be used in conjunction to achieve your desired look. With both styles, it is important to make sure your hair colorist uses Olaplex which is a bond multiplier that protects the integrity of your hair while coloring. This is done to ensure that minimal chemical damage occurs during the lightening process.


One primary difference between highlighting and balayage is that highlighting requires more maintenance because your hair will experience grow out. Conversely, as balayage grows out the changes are almost undetectable, making salon visits few and far between. 


Another main difference between highlighting and balayage is the highlighting method has more long term damage effects. However balayage requires a stronger bleaching agent to lift and surpass the unwanted brass tones, therefore despite differences in methods both have risks to consider.  

Not sure which look is right for you? Contact us today and let us make your hair vision come to life!

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