T-Section Highlight

T-Section Highlight

T-section highlights in Houston.

A t-section highlight job highlights about a quarter of the hair. It typically comprises of highlights applied along the hair part and around the face. T-section highlights add dimension and brightness while framing the face. They can be very subtle, bold, or somewhere in-between, depending on the colors used.

Face-Framing Highlights

T-section highlights for best those who just want to brighten the hair around the face. This face-framing highlight job is great for holding off a full highlight for a couple more weeks or simply brightening an overall hairstyle. They can have a variety of results, depending on the application, color(s) used, and the type of hair.

How T-Section Highlights Are Created

Highlights are created by adding lighter pieces of color to the hair with foils. A t-section highlight job is typically done with highlights applied along wherever you commonly part your hair. Hair can also be highlighted around the face. A t-section highlight job is completed with about 5-10 foils.

Are You Considering T-Section Highlights?

The hair styling that is ideal for you depends on the look you want to create. We highly recommend you sit down with a stylist prior to your first visit to consider ideal options for your hair.

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