M Salon Glossary



Baby Lights

Baby lights refers to very tiny and natural-looking highlights that emulate the natural highlights that babies have.


Balayage comes from the greek word for "sweeping". Balayage is a technique where the color is painted on the hair for a more "natural" and "sun-kissed" look. Balayage can be considered a more natural ombre.

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Beachy Waves

Beachy waves is achieved with a curling iron and stylist products to keep the wave in place. To achieve this look, waves are broken up with fingers and loosened up a little. This is a sultry style.

Blunt Cuts

Blunt cuts involve precision cutting with no texture or layers. Blunt cuts are great for clients who want a sleek look.


A bob is a one-length haircut that is above the shoulders. An angle is optional.

Brazilian Express

The Brazilian Express is a shorter-lasting and fast version of the brazilian thermal. It can last from four to six weeks.

Brazilian Thermal

The Brazilian Blowout is an anti-frizz smoothing treatment. It can last up to 12 weeks depending on the at-home care of the hair. It also takes less time to straighten hair.


Color Radiance/Cellophanes

"Ammonia-free colorizing gloss treatment to shine, shade and dramatize shape. Translucently illuminates each strand." (via

Comb Over/Deep Part Line

With this technique, think of the pompadour look and the new age gentlemen's cut where the hairline is parted more to the side and the hair is puffed up and combed back.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

Our deep conditioning treatment is a treatment that we do in salon that helps damaged or treated hair feel and look healthier. The treatment’s deep conditioning penetrates the hair for softer locks.


Extensions add length and fullness to hair.



Fading is done with clippers for very short hair and is the gradual shortening of the hair to the nape.

Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is created with smaller strands than a traditional braid.

Full Highlight

Full highlights cover the whole head. Important to note is that getting highlights will not cover any new growth or grey hair. It will simply blend it.


Goldwell Color Lock Serum

The Color Lock Serum by Goldwell is used to help the color in your hair radiate and shine and to help prolong the life of the color.



A haircut and style includes a wash, mini scalp massage, haircut, and a signature M Salon blow-out.


A highlight is adding lighter pieces of color to the hair with foils. It adds brightness to the base.


Illumina by Wella

“Illumina color elevates light and reveals previously unseen potential in hair so you can express the senses, emotions, and unique personality of every client.” (via

Inversion Layers

Inversion layers create a lot of volume and movement. This technique is used to remove weight from the hair and has face-framing layers.


Japanese Straightener

The Japanese Straightener is a permanent treatment to straighten and sleeken the hair. Since it is a permanent treatment, the only reason to redo the treatment is because of the new growth that has not had the treatment done.



Lived-In Hair

Lived-in hair refers to the new style of hair that looks rugged and like second-day hair, but is still done and pretty-looking.

Lob (Long Bob)

A "lob" or long bob is a one length haircut either at or below the shoulders. A lob usually has a slight angle in the front.

Long Layers

Long layers are low-maintenance and add movement to the hair. Long layers are a good way to lighten your hair load without losing length.


Getting a lowlight is adding darker pieces of color to the hair with foils.





When the hair is bleached and b3 is mixed into the color, the b3 actually works as a treatment in the hair while the hair color is lifting.



Ombre is the shading of color from roots to ends. Typically the color goes from dark to light on the ends. Ombre is good for all hair types, except short hair where it may not be noticeable.

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OPC (One Process Color)

An OPC is a one solid base color without any dimension. An OPC covers greys and roots.

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Partial Highlight

A partial highlight is when the lighter pieces are placed around the face for a framing effect, along the sides, and a few in the back, excluding the bottom of the hair.


Point-cutting creates texture and is used to soften lines.


Power Dry

A power dry is a service we do when the client does not want a full blow dry so the hair is not soaking wet when they walk out. A power dry allows the color to be accurately seen if a color service was received.

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Razor Cut

A razor cut involves using a straight edge razor on the hair to give it a piecey/ textured look or it can also take out weight from the hair.

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A relaxer is a cream that chemically loosens tight curls, making it easier to straighten the hair.


Round Brush Set

A round brush set is a style for volume and big curls done with round brushes and a blowdryer.

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Scissor-over-comb is a technique used to achieve shorter cuts without using clippers.


Short Layers

Short layers are shorter up on the hair making them more noticeable and blunt.

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A sombre is a softer version of the ombre. It is a less drastic difference between the dark color on top and lighter color on the ends. 

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Specialty Style

A Specialty style can range from curls added after a blowout to an updo-upstyling.


Split End Treatment

The Split End treatment is designed for those whose ends are more prone to splitting. What the treatment does is it binds the hair together to give the hair a sleeker look and prevent the hair from further splitting.

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Textured Hair

Textured hair shows no blunt or cut lines. Textured hair is blended.


T-Section Highlight

T-section highlights take about 5-10 foils. The highlights are typically placed along the part of the hair and around the face for a face-framing effect.

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A toner is not a permanent color. The purpose of the toner is to counteract any unwanted hues after hair color has been rinsed out or the enhance a color. A toner is semi-permanent color that does not go into the hair cuticle. It’s ammonia-free, and will either enhance or negate tones in the hair. 

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U-Tip Bond Extensions

The U-tip bonded extensions describes the shape at the top of the extensions that gets bonded to the hair. The extension is bonded using keratin. The u-tip keratin extension is heated and thus glues onto hair. 



An undercut is a cut shorter at the bottom of the head to take out weight from the hair and create a softer look. An undercut involves internal layering.





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