Toner in Houston.

A toner is a semi-permanent hair color that counteracts any undesired hues in colored hair. A toner works to enhance a hair color. It is ammonia-free and does not go into the hair cuticle. A toner will either enhance or negate tones in the hair.

Hair Color versus Toner

Hair stylists are often asked by their clients what the difference is between a toner and a classic hair color. Classic hair color is a dye that changes the color of hair. While a toner may contain color, it works to simply counteract any undesired hues in the hair color. Toner works as both a coloring product and a stage in the hair coloring process.

Double-Process Color and Toner

Double-process coloring is popular when lightening hair or applying highlights. For example, with highlights, a bleaching agent is used to remove color from the hair, and then a toner works to soften the look of highlights, which avoids harsh lines in the hair. Stylists typically recommend toners, which can be translucent or include a sheer shade of color, to achieve a natural look to the color.

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