Split End Treatment

Split End Treatment

split end treatment in Houston

The Split End Treatment is designed for hair with ends that are more prone to splitting. The Split End Treatment targets the small splits at the end of the hair. These small splits are otherwise known as split ends.

Maintaining a Healthy Hair Length

As hair grows, it often splits at its ends like a piece of straw or a thread. If these split ends are not treated in a timely manner, you may lose length in your hair and experience more breakage. The Split End Treatment works to repair and strengthen hair quickly.

The Split End Treatment targets the ends of hair to add moisture and a protective barrier that prevents split ends and overall damage. It gives hair a sleeker look while preventing it from further splitting. It works to prevent them from continuing to split as well as preventing new split ends from happening. The Split End Treatment is designed specifically to make sure that hair can healthily grow to any length desired.

Formaldehyde-Free Hair Smoothing Treatment

At M Salon, our priority is not only to keep clients' hair beautiful and stylish but to improve and maintain the health of their hair. With this in mind, the optimal treatments for hair and beauty will never risk a client's health. The Split End Treatment is a hair smoothing treatment that does not contain formaldehyde and can last several months, depending on how well the hair is taken care of.

Keep Hair Healthy With M Salon

Keep your hair healthy with a Split End Treatment at M Salon. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with your preferred hairdresser in Houston at M Salon.

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