Short Layers

Short Layers

Short layers in Houston.

Short layers are layers that are cut short in length. Short layers may work on short, medium, or long hair. Whether you are looking for a short hairstyle or you desire to keep your overall length, short layers add noticeable change on anyone’s hair.

Short layers may be of any varying shorter lengths, depending on the hairstyle result that is desired. Short layers on shorter hair often create a timeless volume and movement while short layers on longer hair often look edgier and more modern. Of course, the opposite may be true with short layers on either length. A wide variety of hairstyles is created with short layers.

Short Layers Add Volume

Regardless of hair length and texture, the most noticeable change that short layers give is added volume to the hair. Short layers may be styled straight, curly, wavy, or left natural. They may be applied to any type of hair. Short layers may also be paired with bangs of any length.

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