Razor Cut

Razor Cut

Razor cut in Houston.

A razor cut is a type of haircut that is produced with a sharp straight edge razor. Hair is cut with a specialized angled sliding motion along the hair that results in a piecey texture and overall lighter-weighing hair.

The Right Razor Cut Technique

A razor cut must be done right to provide desired results. When done correctly, the cut removes unwanted weight from hair and increases hair movement and wavy-ness with an added piecey texture. Razor cuts can overall soften hair or provide an added edginess. It all depends on the amount of hair being razor cut.

Razor Cuts for Long, Medium, and Short Hair

A razor cut can create a range of long, medium, and short hairstyles. As razor cuts at all lengths can thin hair, soften hair, and increase hair waviness, they should be applied on overall thicker, coarser, and straighter hair.

Recommended for Thicker, Coarser, and Straighter Hair

Curly hair at any length is above all recommended to not be razor cut as the cut can compromise the curl pattern and greatly increase frizz. Thinner and finer hair may be razor cut to produce a variety of styles.

Considering a Razor Cut in Houston?

Schedule a consultation with our hair salon in Houston ! We can help you get the haircut and style you desire. We can provide you a razor cut in Houston for long, medium, or short hair. Contact our salon today for more information.

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