Power Dry

Power Dry

Power dry in Houston.

A power dry is a quick hair dry performed with no products and little to no styling involved. A power dry often is performed after a color service to be able to see the color applied clearly and confirm it is the desired tint. After a power dry, the hair may still be a little bit damp, but not wet.

Difference Between Blow Drying and Power Drying

When considering high-end hair styling options, it’s important to understand your options and to know the difference between both the blow dry and the power dry. The main difference between a blow dry and a power dry is that a blow dry is an actual style and a power dry is not.

Blow Drying Service

A blow dry service typically includes a wash, the blow dry and the style (whichever the customer prefers). With the use of heat protectant products, various hair tools, a round brush and a blow dryer, the hair is fully dried and styled after any hair service. This hair service can also be administered on its own too.

Power Drying Service

A power dry service is done on clients that do not want a full blow dry service and would just like their hair quickly dried. This service is typically done after a color service to ensure that color has been applied clearly and to confirm it is the desired tint by the client. Oftentimes, this will be done before any other service to confirm the client’s needs are met. A full blow dry service can occur after if the customer chooses.

Styling Your Hair at M Salon

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