OPC (One Process Color)

One Process Color (OPC)

One process color at M Salon.

OPC , otherwise known as one process color , is a hair color treatment that is accomplished with one color application. An OPC is a one solid base color without any dimension and is an ideal service for covering grays and roots. OPC services can greatly or subtly transform the hair into a variety of styles. It all depends on the hair color being used and the hair being worked upon.

Permanent, Semi-Permanent and Demi-Permanent OPC

OPC service will evenly color the entire head with a fresh color. Clients can choose a permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent color. Permanent colors remain on the hair permanently and fully cover gray hairs. Demi-permanent and semi-permanent colors gradually fade with washing. Demi-permanent color lasts on the hair through 12-24 hair washings, and semi-permanent color lasts through about 12 washings.

Colored Hair at its Healthiest

If you’ve ever used box color or over-processed your hair, then you know the difference between flat color and quality hair color. Regardless of the amount of change looking to make to hair color, quality OPC when applied professionally will improve hair shine and vibrancy.

OPC treated hair is healthier than double-processed hair. Double-process color at M Salon is accomplished with minimal damage to the hair, but this service is always a more strenuous process for the hair. Double-process color is typically accomplished with the application of bleach to strip the hair’s pigment and is followed by the application of toner. OPC is accomplished with just one new color application on the hair.

Get a Personal Hair Color Consultation

M Salon offers a variety of chemical processing services, including high-quality OPC service. Our prices vary depending on the complexity of the desired process.

Would you like to know more about OPC services? Contact us today at M Salon for a personal consultation with your preferred hairdresser in Houston to achieve your desired look!

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