Ombre in Houston.

Ombre is a type of highlighting method that achieves contrast with darker color on top of the hair and lighter color on the ends of the hair. The darker color on top is typically the client’s natural hair color. Ombre highlights achieve a gradient look.

Low-Maintenance Hair Color

Ombre highlighting is a great option for anyone looking to switch up their look without having a full color applied. Ombre can allow roots to stay more natural and healthy.

Ombre is great for almost all hair lengths. However, we do not recommend this technique for very short hair where our stylists will not have enough room to apply the full gradient color needed to achieve ombre hair. It is easier to apply and maintain with longer hair. To maintain ombre highlights, hair can be grown out however long with quick touch-ups applied whenever desired.

Considering Ombre?

Ombre highlights are highly customizable to each client's preference. Our world-class stylists will thoroughly consult with you in terms of what look you are trying to achieve before deciding how to proceed.

Our stylists consistently attend weekly training and refresher courses that are designed to sharpen skills and boost confidence within our stylists to achieve the latest styles. So, no matter which hairdresser you choose, they will be capable of providing you with the look you are seeking.

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