A lowlight hair color service is achieved by adding darker pieces of color to the hair with foils. The darker pieces of color are often applied to the base of the hair. Lowlights also add dimension and depth to the hair’s base color.

Lowlights May Work with Highlights

A lowlight hair color service is the opposite of a highlight hair color service, though they may be applied with highlights. Lowlights involve any color that’s darker than the hair being worked upon.

Lowlights Produce Many Styles

Lowlights are applied to the hair with foils. Lowlights might be added throughout the head or only through part of it. Lowlights are more often applied to lighter base hair colors. Lowlights produce many styles. Results depend on where lowlights are applied and what hair color is used.

M Salon Specializes in Lowlight Color Service & More

Lowlight in Houston.

At the end of the day, the lowlight service that is ideal for you all depends on the look you want to create. We highly recommend you sit down with a stylist prior to your first visit to consider ideal options for your hair. Contact our hair salon in Houston today to schedule an appointment.

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