Long Layers

Long Layers

Long layers in Houston.

Long layers subtly add movement and a polished shape to the hair. The layers are low-maintenance and work with most textures and lengths of hair. Long layers work best with longer hair. Clients who are looking to subtly polish their hair shape without losing much hair length in appearance are recommended to get long layers.

Long Layers Classic Hair Style

Long layers provide a classic style. This very versatile style has been applied for decades. Long layers may be styled straight, curly, wavy, or left natural. The layers work with more types of hair styles than do short layers, though the change is more subtle. Long layers may be paired with bangs of any length.

Long Layers Subtly Increase Volume

Long layers can increase volume at varying intensities, depending on the texture of the hair. The curlier the hair, the more volume will be produced, naturally. Curly hair benefits from long layers because the layers allow for a naturally evened and polished shape.

Long layers are often applied as face-framing layers that increase hair volume and bounce while removing hair weight on medium to long-length hair. This particular type of long layers is known as natural inversion layers.

Natural Inversion Layers

Natural inversion layers produce a lightened and evened distribution of hair. Clients feeling that their current haircut is top-heavy and would like to soften their current layers will benefit most from a natural inversion haircut.

We Create Style that Works with You

If you’re looking to apply long layers to your hair, we can provide the long layers that best fit you. Contact our hair salon in Houston today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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