Lob (Long Bob)

Lob (Long Bob)

Lob (Long Bob) in Houston.

A long bob , which is referred to as a lob , is just that, a longer bob. A lob reaches just above or at the shoulders. It can be layered or blunt cut. A lob can be styled in a wide variety of ways.

Lob Hair Style Varieties

A lob, like a bob, can be styled in a countless variety of ways, really. They can be worn in all varieties of curly, wavy, as well as stick-straight. Lobs can be cut straightly or at an angle. Like bobs, they are often cut with a slight angle facing the front.

Fashionable and Easy-to-Manage

Trending lob styling includes razor-cut hair with lived-in textured hair styling. All lobs when well-cut, regardless of hair type, can add dimension and volume to the hair, as well as an effortlessly chic look. The lob is an easy-to-manage haircut for all hair types.

Getting a Long Bob in Houston?

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