Lived-In Hair

Lived-In Hair

Lived-in hair in Houston.

Lived-in hair is a fashionable and easy going style of hair that’s personalized to the client’s lifestyle. The term was originally coined by celebrity stylists Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran. Lived-in hair applies to hair color and overall styling. It looks wonderfully effortless and it is low-maintenance but requires a professional hair stylist to achieve.

Lived-In Hair Color

Lived-in hair color is achieved with highlights with well-blended roots. It is not a balayage. It is its own style. The hair color looks grown out while remaining chic and polished with little upkeep. Hair is generally colored to naturally compliment the client’s complexion. Lived-in hair color is very low maintenance. Clients may visit their stylist every several months to maintain the color.

Lived-In Hair Style

Lived-in hair style is generally achieved with hair that is styled to look as if it wasn’t styled at all, but it’s just a really good hair day. Lived-in hair looks as if it is at its natural best. The hair is generally textured, rather than straightened. Lived-in hair can add dimension and volume to the hair.

Get the Lived-In Hair You’re Looking for

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