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A highlight adds brightness to the hair. Highlights are typically created by adding lighter pieces of color to the hair with foils. Highlights can have a variety of results, depending on the application, color(s) used, and the type of hair.

Full Highlights

Full highlights are placed everywhere around the head, starting at the nape of the neck and working upward to the hairline. Full highlights cover the whole head, adding definition throughout the hair.

Partial Highlight

A partial highlight job involves lighter pieces placed around the face for a framing effect along the sides and a few in the back, excluding the bottom of the hair.

T-Section Highlight

T-section highlights take about 5-10 foils. The highlights are typically placed along the part of the hair and around the face for a face-framing effect.

Baby Lights

Baby lights refers to natural-looking highlights that are designed to emulate the highlights that many babies are born with. Baby lights essentially involves a subtler method of highlighting your hair.

Highlights, Grays, and New Growth

It's important to know that if a person gets highlights, it won't cover up any grey hair or new growth that doesn't match the hair's current color. Highlights will, however, blend the grays or new growth into the rest of the hair. Platinum highlights may work to make grays appear they're part of a platinum style, and heavy highlighting can make new growth appear that it matches the rest of the hair's color.

Are You Considering Highlights?

Highlights are a wonderfully stylish way to brighten your mane and switch up your look. We’re a hair salon in Houston, Texas. Schedule a consultation with your preferred hairdresser in Houston , today! Contact our salon for more information.

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