Full Highlight

Full Highlights

Full highlights in Houston.

For clients looking for a new look, full highlights can provide the answer. Full highlights cover the whole head, adding definition throughout the hair. They begin at the nape of the neck and are added throughout the hair; these highlights can remain blonde or be colored separately with any hair color, be it blonde, blue, purple, or pink. Best of all, these highlights add layers of definition to the hair, so styles, particularly those with curls, appear thicker and fuller.

Full Highlights for a Fresh Glow

Full highlights are placed everywhere around your head, starting at the nape of the neck and working upward to the hairline of the bangs and including the bangs themselves. If a person has darker hair, a full highlight service can allow them to work up to a beach blonde if it's a heavier highlight job, or a light highlight can simply add definition to the hair.

Highlights, Grays, and New Growth

It's important to know that if a person gets highlights, it won't cover up any gray hair or new growth that doesn't match the hair's current color. Highlights will, however, blend the grays or new growth into the rest of the hair. Platinum highlights may work to make grays appear they're part of a platinum style, and heavy highlighting can make new growth appear that it matches the rest of the hair's color.

Call for a Personal Consultation

Whether a client wants a completely new look or just wants to blend an old style into a new hair color, full highlights are the answer. We can help determine just the right color and width of highlights to achieve any desired style.

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