Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid: a Fun and Fashionable Hairstyle Idea

Fishtail braids in Houston.
Here’s an updo using fishtail braids created by one of our stylists.

Braids are in style, and they can be successfully created in so many ways! A fishtail braid is a braid that’s made with smaller strands than a traditional braid. It’s fun, easy, and unique style that works beautifully with most medium to long hair.

There Are Many Ways to Wear Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are elegant, yet versatile. They work with all hair textures, whether just washed or not-so-fresh. There really are so many ways to wear fishtail braids, whether simply and casually or within an elegant updo. Here’s a few of our suggestions:

  1. Traditional fishtail braids are of course a fun style to wear yet always classically chic.
  2. One fishtail braid styled with a bouffant on top of the head looks bold yet polished.
  3. A reverse fishtail is another big and bold fishtail hairstyle that’s achieved by none other than applying the fishtail hair process backward. The result is a fishtail braid with more volume.
  4. Try wrapping a fishtail braid in a bun while leaving loose curly or wavy strands. This whimsical look can be perfected with two braids as well. We noticed this look was worn on the runway.
  5. One or two french fishtail braids can be worn on multiple occasions. This look can be more polished than a traditional french braid.

Fishtail Hair Styling at M Salon

If you have any sort of hairstyle in mind that you need help creating, we can create it at M Salon. We do hair styling for all events. Do you know that we travel for wedding styling in Houston ? Schedule a consultation with your preferred hairdresser in Houston , today.

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