Fade/fading hair in Houston.

Fading is a style that is created with clippers. It makes the hair very short at the nape of the neck and gradually gets longer as the stylist works up the head.

Faded Hairstyles for Men

There are several interesting hairstyles that can be created with a fade. For men, it's common to have long hair on top and a fade from the parietal ridge, downward.

The top of the head and the parietal ridge is defined with a comb before the fade is created. A straight line is formed, then the fade begins at a high setting, like a four. As the stylist works downward toward the nape, the fade begins. The clippers may be switched to a three, two, and one to get a gentle fade.

Many of the designs created for men today have a gentle fade from the parietal ridge. Some men do this cut on only one side of the head or prefer long hair from the crown forward and a fade in the back of the head.

Unique Faded Cuts

There are a few unique faded cuts popular today for women and men alike, including the following.

Get a half fade on one side of the head.

Get a half fade on one side of the head with longer hair on the other side of the head. This gives the appearance that the head is shaved on one half, but it is not as dramatic as a full shave since the hair slowly tapers and fades toward the neck.

Get a half fade on the lower third of the head.

Get a half fade on the lower third of the head working toward the nape. The full length of the hair is preserved, allowing the faded area to be covered up when the hair is down or shown when the hair is placed into a bun or ponytail.

Get fades with designs.

Trending today are faded cuts that have designs buzzed into them. For instance, a half fade on the lower third of the head may have sharp lines cut into it for a unique look. Sometimes, stencils can be used to create stars or hearts. For instance, if the fade is at level four, a level 2 clipper could be used with a stencil to cut in a design.

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