Comb Over/Deep Part Line

Comb Over/Deep Part Line

Comb over/deep part line in Houston.

The comb over/deep part line is a gentlemen’s cut where the hairline is parted further to one side and the hair is generally puffed up and combed back. This hair styling technique is a form of a new age pompadour.

A Classic and Sharp Hair Style

When we refer to the comb over, we’re not referring to hair being combed over a bald spot to minimize the evidence of baldness. That being said, our stylists can make this hair styling technique work for any hair type, thick, thin, or anywhere in between. Today’s comb over is a classic, youthful, and sharp look that’s considerably popular.

Low-Maintenance Side Part

In this cut, a longer top is maintained while sides and a back are shaved short. The high crown is then given a side part and finished by being pushed to the side. This cut can be quickly styled into a side sweep with a quality hair gel for a more polished look, or it can be worn casually with no product whatsoever.

Works for All Hair Textures

A comb over/deep part line hairstyle can work with all types of hair, really. Our stylists can create a variation of this hair technique that fits you best.

M Salon’s Deluxe Hair Expertise

Are you considering a comb over/deep part line? Contact us at M Salon and set up a consultation with your favorite hairdresser in Houston , today!

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