Brazilian Thermal

Brazilian Thermal

Brazilian Blowout in Houston

Regardless of your hair length, color, or style, or whether your hair is straight or wavy, there seems to be one common enemy: frizz. For many people, it doesn't matter how hard they try, frizz is a constant battle that they can't win.

Are you someone that has purchased almost every anti-frizz product under the sun? That's okay, you aren't alone. The pursuit of smooth, glossy and silky hair that’s free of frizz and fly-aways is a common one, and it is achievable.

Processes for Removing Frizz

Using hair straighteners is a common way for people to tame their frizz, but there are other processes that can be used that give better and longer-lasting results. One such process is the Brazilian Thermal . The Brazilian Thermal leaves hair smooth, silky, shiny, and with plenty of bounce and volume. It is not a straightening process, per se. If your hair is wavy or curly, it will still have the curl, however it will not be frizzy, and will be much more manageable.

How Does the Brazilian Thermal Work?

This is an intensive process and can take some time depending on the length, thickness, and texture of the hair. First, a chemical solution will be applied to the hair to prep it for the process, followed by a second solution that’s rich with conditioners and moisturizers, such as keratin, amino acids, and peptides. After applying this solution, the hair is meticulously flat-ironed. This is the part that takes quite a bit of time, as it must be done thoroughly in order to get optimum results.

Is the Brazilian Thermal Right for Everyone?

This process works best on healthy hair. If your hair is damaged or dry due to repeated chemical processes, you may want to wait on the Brazilian Thermal. In this case, you may benefit from the Brazilian Express, which is a shorter and less intensive process that works better on processed hair. The results are similar, but it doesn't last as long.

The Brazilian Thermal must be done by an experienced professional in order to get the best results. Let us help you find a hairdresser in Houston that provides expert Brazilian Thermal services. At M Salon, our stylists are experts in these smoothing treatments that leave your hair unbelievably glossy and frizz-free. Contact the salon today for a consultation to find out if the Brazilian Thermal is right for you.

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