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Brazilian Express

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Brazilian Hair Treatments

Brazilian hair treatments are a lady's best friend, especially during the summer when humidity is at its peak. Humidity, coloring, and styling with heat can contribute to frizz. Smooth, sleek hair is achievable for any woman with a Brazilian treatment. Brazilian thermals require ninety minutes to two hours, but the results are worth the time! Your frizz-free hair will last for two to three months.

Many women find that the Brazilian Express treatment, which isn't as time consuming, but also not as long-lasting, is a brilliant alternative. Read here to determine if the Brazilian Express right for you.

What is a Brazilian Treatment?

This is a method of controlling frizz in your hair that produces long term results. Instead of smoothing your hair with heat, keratin, a protein naturally found in your hair, and gentle chemicals are used to soften curls and remove frizz.

Will a Brazilian Treatment save time?

Absolutely! Hair that’s treated with keratin can cut daily styling time in half. The biggest bonus is that any humidity, mild rain, or mist, won't turn your hairstyle into a frizz ball, at all.

How does the Brazilian Express differ from a full treatment?

The Brazilian Express caters to women who need a quick, in-salon treatment and they don't have two hours for the full treatment. This faster-acting version delivers the same smoothed hairstyle; however, the results don't last as long. Instead of the two to three months of frizz-free hair associated with the full treatment, the Brazilian Express lasts about six to eight weeks.

Read about the difference between Brazilian Express and Brazilian Thermal .

Summary of Brazilian Express Benefits

  • A Brazilian Express improves appearance of the hair. The keratin treatment keeps hair smooth and sleek, which helps improve the appearance of color-damaged hair.
  • A Brazilian Express reduces at-home styling time.
  • A Brazilian Express improves health of hair. Keratin is one of hair's natural proteins. Adding keratin back into hair supplements the natural keratin.

Brazilian Express Hair Treatment in Houston

Do you still have questions on which Brazilian treatment is right for you? Schedule a consultation with your preferred hairdresser in Galleria area to discuss Brazilian Express hair treatment in Houston ! Contact our salon for more information, today.

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