Bob in Houston.

A bob is a timeless haircut that can be styled in a variety of ways. Though a bob can be layered, it is classically styled as a one-length haircut that is above the shoulders.

Bob Hair Style Varieties

A bob can be styled in a countless variety of ways, really. Bobs can be worn in all varieties of curly, wavy, as well as stick-straight. Bobs can be cut straightly or at an angle. They’re often cut with a slight angle facing the front.

Modern, Short, and Sassy Styling

Currently trending bob styling include razor bobs with lived-in textured hair styling and lobs.

Razor bobs are, simply put, razor-cut bobs. Stylish, textured razor bobs are a very popular style. Lobs are longer bobs that fall closer to the shoulders than the jawline. All bobs, when styled well, can add dimension and volume to the hair, as well as an effortless chic look.

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