Blunt Cuts

Blunt Cuts

blunt cut in Houston
Blunt cut hair can be styled most easily.

The alternative to a blunt cut is a textured cut. This includes layers and is often done with a razor in order to add the textured look. A blunt cut doesn't involve layers. It is a precision style that must be done just right. It gives a clean, sleek, and polished look, and may or may not include bangs.

Should a blunt cut be long or short?

It can be either. Many women love the look of a shorter blunt cut, perhaps cut right at the jawline or falling just below the nape of the neck.

Who is the blunt cut for?

A blunt cut can work with many hair types, and is often a good choice for those with fine hair. A shorter blunt cut can add volume and movement, even if your hair is thinner. A well-done blunt cut offers a sleek, well put together look that many find desirable.

If your hair is longer, a blunt cut will give your hair a clean, polished look. With that said, if your hair is thin or fine, you may want to keep it not much longer than shoulder-length in order to prevent it from looking weighed down and flat.

If you have thick, heavy hair, or curly hair, then a blunt cut may not be right for you. Your hair will likely benefit from a more textured and layered look that allows for more shape and an even level of volume. This is especially true for curly hair.

If you've decided to go with a blunt cut, you'll want to maintain it by getting frequent trims. This cut looks wonderful with some rich, glossy color or well-placed highlights to add further depth.

Ask your hairdresser if a blunt cut is right for your hair. We’re hairdressers located in the Houston Galleria area. Schedule a consultation with your preferred hairdresser in Houston ! Contact our salon for more information, today.

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