Balayage in Houston

What sets the balayage apart from other hair coloring trends (including ombre styles) is its subtlety. The balayage seeks to achieve softer and less noticeable regrowth lines, providing a more natural, sun-kissed look that's easy to maintain.

The Balayage Technique

The specific process used to achieve a balayage can vary from one stylist to the next and can also vary based on the length and style of the hair itself. 

In general, however, the balayage technique involves "painting" the hair in a fluid, sweeping motion using a backing board and a coloring brush. This manual coloring of the hair allows the stylist to achieve the most natural look possible—as opposed to the ombre technique, which often leaves sharper lines and more obvious patterns as the hair color shifts from one color to the next.

The Balayage Appeal

Many people are drawn to the balayage look because it can be something different but not too far out of one's comfort zone. Not to mention, the possibilities when it comes to balayage are pretty much endless. 

Those who want to go with something more natural-looking can do a blonde balayage, whereas those who want to do something a little different can go with a less natural color, like a pink or blue. Balayage can essentially be tailored to any hair styling wants.

Finally, a balayage is very easy to maintain, which a lot of busy people appreciate. Since the regrowth lines are softer and less noticeable, roots will not become immediately obvious if one touch-up appointment is missed.

Balayage Highlights in Houston

Overall, getting a balayage is a great option to consider for most people, though it's worth noting that it does take a skilled and experienced stylist to truly pull it off. We’re the hair salon in Houston that can pull off just that right balayage look for you. Are you considering balayage highlights in Houston ? Contact us at M Salon and set up a consultation, today!

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