Baby Lights

Baby Lights

Baby Lights Houston M Salon.

Baby lights are one of the newer trends within the world of hair coloring. This term refers to natural-looking highlights that are designed to emulate the highlights that many babies are born with. Baby lights essentially involves a subtler method of highlighting your hair.

Low Maintenance Highlights

Baby lights are a great style for virtually anyone! One of the main attractions to getting baby lights, in addition to their lovely appearance, is how low maintenance they are. As with most types of highlights, clients simply have them applied, keep up with regular washing, conditioning, trims, and then return to the salon approximately every eight to twelve weeks. Baby lights are low-maintenance. Furthermore, because of the highlights’ subtlety, babylights even look great as they begin to grow out. Moreover, baby lights can be done on any hair texture and customized to match any skin tone.

The Baby Lighting Process

Although the process of baby lighting is fairly simple, keep in mind that it’s a very involved process overall. Depending on the texture of one's hair, as well as the length, the original color, and what color is desired to use for highlights, the initial process can be much more time-consuming than other methods of styling. For that reason, it is best to meet and consult with your stylist to discuss your expectations, to allow them to assess your hair, and give you an idea of how long the appointment will take.

Baby Lights Highlights in Houston

A gorgeous style that will brighten your mane and leave your natural tresses looking radiant, baby lights are a great way to switch up your look with minimal upkeep required. Are you considering baby lights? Contact us at M Salon and set up a consultation, today!

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