Do you offer any smoothing treatment that does not contain formaldehyde?

Do you offer any smoothing treatments that do not contain formaldehyde?

M Salon Japanese Thermal.

At M Salon, the priority is not only to keep clients' hair beautiful and stylish, but to improve the health of their hair. Beauty is from the inside out and the healthier the lifestyle, the better hair and skin will appear. With this in mind, the optimal treatments for hair and beauty will never risk a client's health, the stylist's health or the overall health of a person's hair.

Smoothing Treatments Without Formaldehyde

M Salon offers several smoothing treatments that are completely formaldehyde-free. These treatments include the Smooth Control, the Japanese Thermal, and the Split End Treatment.

Smooth Control

The Smooth Control treatment leaves hair smooth and silky, without any flyaway frizz which is such a common problem in the colder weather.

Japanese Thermal

The Japanese Thermal is a straightening treatment leaves hair straight and silky and is permanent.

Split End Treatment

The Split End Treatment works to repair and protect against breakage at the ends of hair which compromise the overall look and style.

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