Can I meet the stylist prior to booking an appointment?

Can I meet the stylist prior to booking an appointment?

We highly encourage meeting the stylist prior to booking!

M Salon.

The service, style, atmosphere and excellence of our hair salon in Houston can’t be truly experienced from the outside. We believe that every customer should experience the sophisticated approach of our salon before they even book an appointment.

We highly encourage you to schedule a free meeting with one of our talented stylists before making an appointment. If you like what you see (and, we’re confident you will), then we would love to provide you with a customized plan for your hair and get your next appointment on the books!

While you certainly don’t have to meet with a hair stylist before a first appointment, we think it helps get everyone on the same page. You have personal preferences that we want to take into consideration when making your hair look amazing. A consultation can also help you know what to expect from the process we plan to get your hair to the desired color and length.

Your hair may be more damaged than you think!

Perhaps you’ve been a DIY queen until now and you need help covering the box color that is a bit too flat and lackluster. That’s one of the prime reasons we offer consultations: it’s the perfect time to tell us all your dirty little secrets that could affect the professional chemicals we use.

Or, maybe you’ve been getting your hair dyed professionally for years, and you don’t remember exactly what your real color is. The layers of chemical treatments and effects of the styling tools are starting to show signs, and you need treatments to stop the damage. We get it, and we’ve just about seen it all.

No matter what your problem is, a salon consultation is a great time to express all your concerns and let our stylists assess the issues for themselves. This appointment will let us take the time to consider the right treatment plans for your hair, instead of forcing us to fit a rushed consultation in at the beginning of your scheduled hair appointment.

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