What is a Japanese Thermal?

What is a Japanese Thermal?

M Salon Japanese Thermal

If you have curly hair that is unruly and difficult to manage, then you may be looking for the ultimate way to manage it. Sleek, straight hair is often a preferred choice, and there are numerous ways to attain this look. The problem with a number of straightening treatments is that many of them are only temporary or they produce less-than-desirable results. One straightening treatment that may interest you because of its many benefits is the Japanese thermal.

A Japanese Thermal Has Many Benefits

The Japanese thermal is a permanent solution for those interested in wearing their hair straight. It is a combination of chemical ingredients that are applied to the hair in order to break down the bonds of the strands, leaving them permanently straight. You won't have to worry about your hair becoming wavy again, as the treatment will not wear off or wash out. However, when new hair begins to grow, the roots will be curly, since it will be your natural hair. Once your new growth reaches a certain point, you will simply return to the salon and have the Japanese thermal treatment applied to the new hair. This usually occurs after about 9 months, although the rate in which your hair grows will determine the exact time a touch-up would be required.

A Japanese Thermal Can Render Hair Healthy

Another benefit aside from transforming your hair from curly and unruly to straight is that is also helps your hair to appear and feel healthier. Even if your hair is damaged prior to having the Japanese thermal applied, the ingredients work to protect against further damage, making it beautiful, silky and shiny in the process. Customers have had frizzy hair with ends that appeared fried, but once the product was applied their hair was almost instantly transformed.

How is the Treatment Applied?

The hair is saturated with the treatment, and after it has had time to begin to work, it is then rinsed out, blow dried and very thoroughly flat-ironed. Once the entire process has been completed, you no longer have to worry about straightening or flat-ironing, regardless of how many times you wash your hair. There is a period of time after the initial application when you are advised not to wash your hair. This is typically a 72-hour period that gives the product time to "set" in your hair. You don't want to take a chance on reversing the chemicals by washing your hair before this 3-day period has passed.

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