What is the Goldwell Color Lock Serum and how does it work?

What is Goldwell Color Lock Serum and how does it work?

Goldwell Color Lock Serum at M Salon.

Whether you're changing your hair color dramatically or just getting rid of grays, the best feeling in the world is when your color is gorgeous and vivid. You feel great because you look great. At M Salon, we want to make your color pop and stay as vibrant in the coming weeks as it was when you left our chair. That's why we offer our clients the Goldwell Color Lock Serum treatment.

What does Goldwell Color Lock Serum do?

Think of the Goldwell Color Lock Serum as a shield over the strands of your hair, locking in color and diminishing the chance of fading from elements and styling. Many shampoos and conditioning treatments will, over time, fade the look of your color. Using this second step treatment helps lock your color in at the same rich vibrancy you expect leaving the salon.

Added Benefits to Using Goldwell Color Lock Serum

At M Salon, we want you to enjoy your style and color for as long as possible, and we want your hair to be at its healthiest. 

Adding the Goldwell Color Lock Serum to your scheduled coloring appointment adds a great deal of time to your color. Have you ever gone in for a touch up after 6 weeks and felt that all of your hair was faded and not quite the vibrant hue you'd like to maintain? This treatment extends the life of the color.

The bottom line is that color treated hair can sometimes appear duller and drier. With the additional application of Goldwell Color Lock Serum, you hair will have a radiant shine and appear healthier for longer!

Who can benefit from this treatment?

Anyone who colors their hair can benefit from the Goldwell Color Lock Serum. For those who routinely maintain their color, this treatment will keep your same hue from month to month in between appointments so that you won't have to worry over full color treatments at every session.

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