What is the difference between a color and a toner?

What is the difference between a color and a toner?

M Salon Color vs Toner

Hair stylists are often asked by their clients “what is a toner and how is it different from color?”

When a client is looking to cover grey hairs or change his or her hair color, the options include:

  • Single process coloring
  • Double process coloring

In both options, the client can choose a permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent color. Toner is both a coloring product and a stage in the hair coloring process. Which service is right for your hair?

Color versus Toner

Color is dye that changes the color of hair. Toner counteracts any undesired hues in the hair color.

Single-Process versus Double-Process

To create a new base hair color, opt for a single process color. This service will evenly color the entire head with a fresh color. Clients can choose between temporary and permanent colors. Permanent colors are the only effective choice to cover grey hairs. However, one challenge to permanent colors is that the hair cannot later be lightened, unless a specific color remover is applied to the hair or bleach. Semi-permanent and demi-permanent colors will gradually fade with washing.

Double-process coloringis popular when lightening hair or applying highlights. A bleaching agent is used to remove color from the hair. Next, color is applied during the toner stage. Toners soften the look of highlights, which avoids harsh lines in the hair. Stylists typically recommend toners, which can be translucent or include a sheer shade of color, to achieve a natural look to the color.

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