What is the difference between a Brazilian express and Brazilian thermal?

What is the difference between a Brazilian Express and a Brazilian Thermal?

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There are various types of keratin treatments that are available on the market for hair. As a result, it can be confusing to understand which processes would be best for your hair and the difference between one kind of Brazilian Keratin treatment vs. another.

Here we are going to discuss the major differences between a Brazilian Express and a Brazilian Thermal Keratin treatment.

Brazilian Express Treatment

A Brazilian Expressis a smoothing treatment that is applied to sleeken hair semi-permanently. The treatment’s results can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. The process yields shiny hair that is free from frizz and still has volume and bounce to the hair with the option to still wear the hair curly. After receiving this treatment, straightening and blow-drying time is cut down significantly, making it a breeze to style the hair.

The process is less expensive than a Brazilian Thermal and will take less time, with commitment-free results. The Brazilian Express treatment can be performed on damaged and/or color-processed hair, and actually works better on processed hair. Read more about Brazilian Express hair treatment in Houston .

Brazilian Thermal Treatment

A Brazilian Thermaltreatment offers shiny, sleek hair that is free of frizz. While the results are not fully permanent, the outcome of this treatment can last anywhere between 10 and 12 months depending on the upkeep of the hair. The time variance on how long the results will last is dependent on the density, length and type of hair that is being treated. The process itself is quite lengthy and the cost will vary as it may depend on the type and length, as well as the quality of the hair.

Initially, a chemical solution is applied to the hair. This solution breaks down the disulfide cystine bonds in the hair, which is the curl factor in the hair. Next, another solution that is comprised of amino acid peptides, keratin and moisturizer is added to the hair. With the solution still in the hair, the hair is flat ironed, which is a very important step, as this is what bonds the hair to lock in the straightness. The timing for this process takes several hours and steps. In addition, hair that is severely damaged, has experienced other harsh straightening treatments and harsh color processing is not a candidate for the treatment.

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