What is a Brazilian thermal and how does this treatment benefit my hair?

What is the Brazilian Thermal treatment and how does it benefit my hair?

M Salon Brazilian Blowout.

The Brazilian Thermal is an anti-frizz, smoothing treatment. This treatment is not a permanent straightening process, instead helps to loosen the natural wave of the hair and aid in the smoothing/flat-ironing process. The Brazilian Thermal treatment will sleeken and create more manageable hair.

Our Brazilian Thermal treatment differs because your hair will be able to keep a curl and it will be healthier and shinier. With our treatment, straight and wavy hair will be naturally straight with no frizz. For those with naturally curly hair, the waves are more enhanced and healthier looking, so you won't have to use a ton of product or spend a great deal of time styling your hair each day.

Is Brazilian Thermal Treatment Right for Me?

This treatment is great for anyone with dry or processed hair and anyone whose hair is naturally frizzy. The treatment can be performed on any type of hair to create a smoother, more manageable look. This treatment doesn't flatten hair or remove any of the natural body and it will still be able to hold a style, for those who feel like waves one day, and straight hair the next. The biggest benefit is that hair will be far easier to maintain without hours of straightening and product use.

Remove Frizz and Make Curls More Manageable

For those with naturally curly hair, the thermal treatment will remove frizz and make curls more manageable and healthier. Hair will also be far easier to blow straight for a change of pace. For those with a slight wave or frizz, this treatment will make hair appear naturally straight and glossy.

Care and Maintenance

If you routinely color your hair, you may be concerned that you can't do both without damage. Color treated hair responds very well to Brazilian Thermal treatment - it actually improves the appearance of color and adds shine. Hair must be colored prior to having the treatment. Those who color frequently should wait two weeks after this treatment to dye their hair.

This treatment is cumulative, so the more treatments you receive the better your hair's health. One treatment generally lasts from 10 to 12 weeks.

You can refer to the following FAQ page regarding the Brazilian blowout brand that we use: brazilianblowout.com/about-faqs/

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